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Thursday, February 24, 2011

PBS Antiques Roadshow seeks production crew

Antiques Roadshow seeks crew...

Antiques Roadshow is shooting in Eugene on June 4th (set up day on June 3rd) and we are looking to hire the following local production positions:

3 Studio Camera operators- Friday 8:30am-6pm; Saturday 7am-approx 9pm (when MU leaves)
Mini DV Camera operator (roaming web camera)- Saturday only 7am-7pm
Mini DV Camera operator (stationary feedback booth camera)- Saturday only 7am-7pm
Make-up artist with kit- Saturday only 7am-approx 6pm
Stage manager- Friday 2pm-6pm (tech rehearsal only)/ Saturday 7am-7pm (or VTR end)

Studio Camera Skills Requirements
Antiques Roadshow shoots a series of interviews with usually one appraiser (sometimes more) and one or two guests. We need to cover the story being told by having the appropriate shots ready at all times. The quality of interaction decreases with retakes and causes us to lose valuable time. Camera work must be flawless. Our camera people must be experienced professionals with the following levels of LIVE or TAPED MULTI CAMERA TELEVISION production utilizing hard cameras in "STUDIO CONFIGURATION." We have four studio cameras that the camera operators will assemble on Friday. They should have working knowledge of how to build a camera. We have found in the past that operators that have worked live sports games have adapted well to this type of live to tape event.
We expect the following:
1. Ability to frame shots and to zoom and reframe on air with excellence.
2. Abillity to maintain and track focus on talent shots as well as "product close ups."
3. Ability to keep personal focus on job at all times and keep up with director and stage manager.
4. Ability to quickly understand our style of production and adapt to it.
5. Experience shooting in HD and 16 x 9 format for national television – MINIMUM OF 20 SHOOTING DAYS- specifically on sporting events.
6. Familiarity with LDK 6000 HD cameras.

Mini DV Camera Operator Skills Requirements
1. Minimum of three years experience shooting for national television.
2. Ability to quickly understand our style of production and adapt to it.
3. Familiarity with Z1 HDV cameras.

Stage Manager Minimum Skills Requirements
1. Minimum of three years experience stage managing for national television.
2. Familiarity with time cues. 
3. Must have excellent people skills. Our stage managers are working with non- talent and need to make them feel relaxed and comfortable.
4. Good work ethic. It's a long day on your feet. No whiners!

Make up artist Minimum skill Requirements
1. Should have a minimum of 5 years experience applying makeup for HD television.
2. Needs to be able to work quickly.
3. Will be applying makeup to 55 people over the course of the day.
4. Will be on their feet most of the day.

They will be collecting resumes for the next two weeks and plan to have the crew in place by early March. Please send resumes to Jill Giles at

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