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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Habitat for Humanity, dedicated to building simple, decent, affordable homes for low income residents of the Springfield/Eugene area, presents a brews and blues festival each year featuring live music, crafted brews, food and wine along the banks of the beautiful Willamette River.  This is a benefit fund raiser for Habitat for Humanity projects.  Included in this event is an ART TENT.  In this tent original art is displayed and sold through silent auction.

ARTISTS.  This is your opportunity to do well by doing good. This is your opportunity to display and sell your work; your work will be viewed by the thousands of attendees of this two day event held August 5-6, 2011.

1.    You may submit your work as a consignment sale.  The final sales price will be divided between the artist (60%) and Habitat for Humanity (40%).
2.    You set the opening bid price for your work. No work will be sold below the opening bid price. 
3.    Donated art will be accepted as well.  In this case you should provide information as to what you believe would be a fair opening bid price.

1.     All art must be ready for display and/or hanging.
2.     All art must be of a size to be easily carried.
3.     All art must be able to be easily transported.  Unduly fragile works will not be considered.

1.    All art will be reviewed prior to acceptance.  Representatives of the Festival Board will act as selection reviewers.
2.    Absolute deadline for application for participation and art review is Monday, August 1, 2011.
3.    Artists who wish to be recognized in the 2011 festival program as participants must make application and present their work for review prior to 5 pm, Sunday, July 17.  A request to do this may be made via email:
4.    All accepted works must be delivered for installation by 5 pm, Wednesday, August 3.
5.    All artists are responsible for delivery and pick up of their work (if unsold).

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. If you have any questions or need additional information please contact Karen via email:

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