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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Call for Artists – Public Art for Police Building

The Eugene, Oregon Police Art Committee is placing a call for artists for the future police headquarters at 300 Country Club.

Over the last two months a police art committee has been developing goals and a selection process for new art to be commissioned with the future police headquarters. This committee is responsible for the development, selection and implementation of an art project triggered by the City’s 1% for Art Ordinance. The overall art process is expected to take between nine months to one year and the initial project budget is $75,000. The focus of the public art is the within the public areas of the building only.

The Police Art Committee is seeking applicants with the ability to generate outstanding artistic concepts that are relevant to the department. The new art will strive to create a memorable and welcoming building and be a timeless, proud celebration of the positive connections between EPD and the community. The goals of the artwork are as follows:

Goal 1) Celebrate and affirm the spirit of service for EPD staff, volunteers and officers.
Concepts supporting this goal will serve as positive daily affirmations for officers and staff who have dedicated themselves to protect and serve. These reminders will provide an ideal to reach for every day as people enter and exit the grounds.

Goal 2) Support the people who are served by EPD. Concepts achieving this goal will support people who need the services of EPD after experiencing something very difficult and at times horrible. The artwork should provide positive reminders of care and affirmations of strength while helping create a welcoming, trusting, dignified environment.

The committee is composed of Sergeant Angie San Miguel, Officer Dale Dawson, Dimitri Von Klein (photographer), Joe Moore (Public Art Committee member), Charly Prichard (Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art chief preparatory), Mike Penwell (City of Eugene design and construction manager), Kari Turner (PIVOT architect), and Isaac Marquez (City of Eugene public art manager).
Please be in touch if you have any questions. We encourage you to share this opportunity with artists who might be interested. To do so, please contact Isaac Marquez, City of Eugene Public Art Manager 541-682-2057,

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