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Monday, May 30, 2011

radioCona OPEN CALL: radio art & sound art works

Invitation to artists to participate in the radioCona project Radio As An Arts Space (deadline June 25th, 2011)

In the frame of the radioCona project
 Radio As An Arts Space, CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing is sending out an open call for submission of contemporary sound art works from the area of radio art and sound art. Artists and art groups creating in the area of radio art and sound art are invited to apply with existing or new works. Selected works will be included in the exhibition Radio As An Arts Space which will be broadcast by radioCona and will appear at in situ locations in December 2011. The exhibition will at the same time occupy the radio frequencies and audio streams of international partners. The broadcast will be constituted as a gallery space with a curated exhibition delineated by the curators' collection of selected works and featuring works selected through this open call. 
About the project Radio As an Arts Space

The title that defines the activities of art project radioCona – a temporary radio station for contemporary arts intentionally bears the name of the space Radio As An Art Space. A project with such a name forms and structures exhibiting of contemporary art works that fall into the fields of radio art and sound art.
Radio As An Arts Space investigates the possibilities of a constitution of an international radio project model for artistic contents and exchange of audio works. Our aim is to stimulate discourse about the production of radiophonic art projects and discursive artistic contents among expert audiences, artists, and art organisations. The project Radio As An Arts Space will examine how a radio frequency can become a gallery space for contemporary art and analyse the constitution of a format of temporary radio broadcasting, as one of the options.

Please send your works (links to websites, ftp,  dropbox, sendspace, etc.) to the e-mail address:  in the following format: mp3 (stereo, 16bit, 160kbps or more). Audio CDs, DVDs, or data discs (wav, aif)  can be posted to: CONA, Peričeva 7, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia-EU. Please include all the information regarding the work, artists, and producers. (formats: odt, doc, pdf). Application deadline is June 25th, 2011.

Web Address:
Produced by: CONA
Partners: RAM LIVE, Novi Radio Beograd, Kiosk
Supported by: European Culture Foundation  BIFC HUB, Ministry of Culture Slovenia

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