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Monday, April 25, 2011

Videographer Needed - Eugene's Very Little Theater Production

Chris McVay is the director of a play, The Ruby Sunrise, at the Very Little Theatre. The play opens May 27. 

The Ruby Sunrise is a play partly about the early days of the development of television. The play is written in three parts. The third part portrays a short section of a teleplay that, in the play, is supposedly being broadcast live in 1952.

I would like to pre-record this 3-page section in black and white as if it were a live broadcast from the ‘50s. This part of the play would then be projected on a screen for the audience to view.
I need video production of this 3-page section. I have a limited budget but can offer a small stipend. The video would be shown to the public during the run of the play and there would be recognition in the program. The video will need to be shot on the set of the production at the Very Little Theatre.

There is a short turn-around for this project so I’d like to begin as soon as possible.

Please contact Cjros McVay via email: 
Or by phone/text: 541-913 2839

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